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Home Buyer Handbook Volume 7:

How can I design my dream home on a budget?

We believe building should be fun! You get to make your dream home a reality; what’s more fun than that? But, if every single element you look at is blowing your budget, the fun quickly evaporates. Not to worry, you can still design the home of your dreams without breaking the bank! We’ve gathered together some tips to help you keep the price in line, while still getting your beautiful new home designed just the way you always dreamed.



Join us for our new seminar series. During this series we'll cover topics that both new home buyers and seasoned veterans will find informative for the home buying experience. These seminars are FREE and open to anyone looking to build a home.

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Home Buyer Resources

Why Choose Us?

Reasons why you should build with us.




Home Buyer Handbook Volume 6:

What should I expect when I'm expecting a new home?

Having a new home built should be one of the most exciting experiences you have in life - and one of the most fun. However, it is also true that getting a new home, whether you build or buy used, is stressful. How stressful? Surveys place moving among the top 5 stressors you will ever experience. In my years as a Dunn & Stone sales counselor, I have seen the design and build process challenge even the calmest people. So how can you best prepare yourself for the highs and lows of such a major life event?


What's Included?

Check out what we include that most other builders do not.



Why Contract?

Understand the purpose & importance of a contract to help you make informed decisions.



Understanding Cost

Learn about the cost of building with Dunn & Stone and how to keep it as unsurprising as possible.




Learn about our meetings and how we keep them short & productive sessions where, as always, you'll "know-as-you-go".



What are the Stages of Construction?

Learn how we mark the progress of your home while it is under construction by stages.




Home Buyer Handbook Volume 4:

Don't be scared! Here are ten simple tips for buying your first home!

With Halloween and all its thrills & chills behind us, there is nothing scary about buying your first home. First time buyers may feel overwhelmed and nervous about this seemingly scary process. How do you know what type of home is right for you? How do you pick a lender? Never fear, buying your first home can be as easy as (pumpkin!) pie. We've gathered together ten great tips to make buying your first home less tricky and more of a treat!



Home Buyer Handbook Volume 3:

Resale, Inventory Home, or Custom New Build; Which is best for you?

When discussing your next home, you might not know where to start. Understanding the differences between a resale home, inventory home or new build will be key in determining what is the right fit for your family's bright future. Once you've determined where you want to live and how large your new home needs to be, you'll next decide whether to buy or build. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each, but what is right for you?



Home Buyer Handbook Volume 2:

What are the top challenges when building a custom home?

According to the 2015 Houzz House & Home Report the top three challenges homeowners face when building a custom home are:

1. Staying on budget

2. Staying on schedule

3. Finding the right products

In what order do you rank these challenges and how might that help you choose the right builder?




Home Buyer Handbook Volume 1:

Are you prepared to build a new home on your land (BOYL)?

I’ve always admired and am fascinated by the Wright Brothers.  On December 17, 1903 they were the first to fly a heavier-than-air aircraft. They not only had to design this flying machine, but also had to figure out how to be pilots. I wonder how far the brothers would have flown in those first days if they already had experienced pilots.




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