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Exciting New Chapter Opens for the Dunn & Stone Builders Team

This year Dunn & Stone Builders celebrates 20 years of business and we are proud of the quality and value we have built into every single home. Over those 20 years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of families to fine-tune what we offer and how to serve each customer better than the last. In an effort to build on the success of the last two decades, we have made an exciting decision: Our efforts will now focus on our Build on Your Land (BOYL) program. Over the past 10 years, we have built a foundation of partnering with clients to build homes tailored to meet their needs in a location they have chosen.


There are so many emerging technologies, products, and vibrant & fun trends to utilize today. We have engaged in new ways of thinking, cutting red tape, and creating products & processes that are truly shaped around our customers. In this day and age, it is no longer okay to just be good, we must be remarkable! We have found that to properly do this, we need to focus all our resources on BOYL.


Because of this, Dunn & Stone Builders will be making an exit from Mostyn Manor and Albury Trails Estates. Rest assured, Dunn & Stone has never been stronger. We will continue to be here for our valued customers and stand behind our product for years to come.


We are proud of the homes and relationships we’ve built in the past 20 years and would like to thank our customers who have made us the builder we are today. By choosing us for one of your most important purchases, you have given life and purpose to an entire team. We’re excited for what is next! Watch for some exciting new products and processes we’ll be offering in the near future!


By the way, we have some great deals on our remaining homes in Mostyn Manor and Albury trails. Come check them out!


Very Best Regards,

The Entire Team

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